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Mission, Vision & Value


As a continuation of the 2011-2013 Strategic Plan, UPM maintains its vision statement in the 2014-2020 Strategic Plan; To Become a University of International Repute. This vision is relevant and significant with the development and direction of UPM especially in UPM's plan to increase excellence in international level.


UPM's commitment to becoming an internationally reputable university will be driven by its Mission statement "Providing meaningful contributions to the creation of wealth and development of the nation and the progress of human beings through the exploration and dissemination of knowledge".




Excellence is the basic value and commitment that underlies all services including teaching and learning, research and innovation, professional services and consultation, community services and other services that form the UPM function. UPMian will always strive to appreciate and embrace excellence, maintain loyalty, evoke a sense of belonging, emphasize quality and constantly make improvements to the progress of UPM, society and the state.


A diversity of knowledge discipline, expertise, culture, talent, services that are supported by the quality environment and strong community integration have built strength and uniqueness of UPM. We believed that this diversity will upgrade the quality of life, building knowledge exploration and thereby generate strategic networks that produce wealth for the prosperity of society and the progress of the country.


UPM is aware of the fact that higher education services that have been and are being developed need to be sustainable, ensuring environmental harmony, relevant to future needs, be able to advance knowledge, and can develop human capital for national progress. Therefore, develop good governance, cultivate excellence, preserve and conserve the environment, utilize diversity, implement innovative management, and produce high-impact higher education service initiatives and sustainability is important so that UPM continue to be able to contribute to the development of global human capital. 


UPM honour and committed to its integrity value in implementing all its functions because UPM believes that to establish an excellent organisation depends on appreciation, practising work ethic and positive attribute continuously between its member.

Updated:: 30/07/2018